Will I receive access to Reese?

1 min. readlast update: 06.10.2020

You bet! The YSM is currently facilitated by Yes Supply founder, Reese and our YSM Master Coach & Practitioner and trainer, Steph (you can e-meet Steph here!)  

Throughout this experience you will have access to monthly group coaching calls with Reese, and bi-weekly Technique Mastery calls and Test Q&A calls with Steph!

The group coaching calls are an intimate group container hosted on Zoom where Reese will go over specific topics/modules within the YSM. You will be able to ask Reese questions, chat with her, connect with other YSM students and gain an in-depth understanding of the monthly topic. 

The Technique Mastery Calls are in place to ensure that you feel confident utilizing the tools and techniques learned in the course. On the Test Q&A calls Steph will answer your questions about the testing process, test material and more.

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